Monterey Park : Planner Quits Over Mayor

J. J. Rodriguez, the city's Planning Commission chairman, has resigned, citing differences in political philosophy with the new mayor, Barry L. Hatch, whom he described as an "ultra, ultra-Republican conservative." Although city offices are nonpartisan, Democrat Rodriguez said he felt uncomfortable serving in a city administration led by Hatch, who is a registered Republican.

Rodriguez, who joined the commission less than a year ago, said his resignation did not stem from any incident but simply sprung from his "personal, political convictions."

In his letter of resignation, dated Oct. 3 and sent to the previous mayor, Christopher F. Houseman, Rodriguez made no mention of why he resigned.

Rodriguez said his leaving was not related to his connection with the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. He is president of that council of 400 AFL-CIO unions, representing 700,000 members.

Hatch could not be reached for comment.

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