McCormick Did It Before Louganis

I am a bit concerned about the misconception that the television and news media are viewing Greg Louganis as the world's greatest diver in history.

Allow me to set the world record straight.

Pat McCormick is the first, and only, woman diver in history to win both 3-meter spring board and 10-meter tower gold medals in back-to-back Olympics, a feat she accomplished in the 1952 and 1956 games. In addition to the four gold medals, Pat won 27 national titles and three Pan American Games, and the list goes on.

She and her daughter, Kelly McCormick, who just brought home the bronze medal from Seoul, are also the only mother and daughter in the history of the Olympics to become medal winners.

Now the point to all this is not to bring down all the wonderful accomplishments of Greg Louganis, but to set the record straight as to who is the best diver in world history. I would say he tied her 32-year-old record--wouldn't you?


Del Mar

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