Orange Council Will Study Ban on Curb-Side Hiring of Workers

The Orange City Council agreed Tuesday to study the request of a citizens’ group for an ordinance to ban curb-side hiring of dayworkers who congregate in the city, especially in the business district along East Chapman Avenue.

Citizens in Support of East Orange, which presented the council with its detailed report, also recommended opening a hiring hall to allow “amnesty-eligible” dayworkers to find daily employment.

The group’s proposal calls for an ordinance that would make it illegal for anyone to seek employment or solicit workers on city streets and sidewalks. The council ordered a study of the recommendations and set a Dec. 6 public hearing on the proposal.

The seven-member citizens’ group was formed 6 months ago after Orange police conducted sweeps for illegal aliens among workers gathered on East Chapman Avenue. Members call it “a bipartisan and ethnically mixed committee.”


“We support no particular candidate or position. We are just citizens who are concerned about the alarming number of undocumented day workers in East Orange,” Arnold Gaynor told the council.

Laguna Beach and Costa Mesa recently established hiring halls to eliminate similar complaints about dayworkers creating a nuisance on busy streets.