The Alternative of Waiving Appeal Fees

Re: "County's Fee Policy Stifles Participation, Conservationist Says." (Oct. 20):

When ordinary citizens have to pay $1,700 to appeal a Planning Commission decision, something is very wrong. When citizen access is measured only in dollars and cents and not by democratic ideals, we are moving toward a system that is exclusionary and elitist.

Does Supervisor Gaddi Vasquez see an "inequity" in tax-supported fire departments and police protection? Does taxpayer support of public schools create an inequity?

Certainly an inequity is created when the average citizen is priced out of the political process. Government at all levels should be accountable and accessible to citizens, protecting their right to participate in public decision-making.

The League of Women Voters upholds the principle that no person or group should suffer legal, economic or administrative discrimination. Orange County's fee policy fails on all three counts.



League of Women Voters

of North Orange County

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