Little Steven, Too

I appreciate the exhibition of a social conscience in today’s best rock ‘n’ rollers, but Bob Hilburn’s article, “Rock ‘n’ Responsibility” (Dec. 18) overlooked the negative media effects resulting from politically dedicated songwriters.

The music of Little Steven has been virtually exiled from American radio and MTV due mainly to its political content. What’s worse is that he’s done more than any other artist to expose worldwide injustice while sacrificing any dream of commercial success--and you failed to mention his name! Had he forgotten that “Sun City” not only exposed apartheid regimes in South Africa but also the American support of such policy--and all while uniting the most varied group of musicians ever assembled?

Sure, I’m a proud supporter of Amnesty International, but I also support Little Steven’s right to recognition and basic FM air play. When radio finally discovers the coexistence of education and entertainment, then real social change can occur.



Redondo Beach