AROUND HOME : A Bed in the Wall

DURING THE DEPRESSION, more than 30 California companies made wall beds. Today we still need extra space, but the cumbersome wall-bed creakers of Laurel & Hardy days are gone. New wood and laminate push-button models--from single to king size--fold into shelved, lighted headboards integrated with versatile cabinetry. Wall beds also can vanish behind doors, paintings or full-length mirrors. Designed for every decor and use, they are the ideal space savers.

Famous since 1900, Murphy wall beds now have orthopedic mattresses supported by slats or box springs and self-opening legs, and side beds as well. All fit into closets or matching wall units and are made of many kinds of materials. Customized systems are available.

Sico wall beds, made with innerspring mattresses, upholstered box springs and headboards, come in all colors and finishes to match optional modulars: wardrobes, bureaus, all-glass cabinets, a drop-lid desk, a TV swivel, a slide-top nightstand--even a table recessed beneath the bed.

Techline’s antique-white wall beds with horizontal slats and foam-mattresses are exceptionally thin--at less than 18 inches. They match Techline’s contemporary armoires, bookcases, filing cabinets, computer furniture, foldout desks and tables.


Rapport International offers an Italian streamlined black-and-white rollout bedroom-set/bar/nightstand with drawers and swing-out shelves and swing-up tray--perfect for breakfast-in-bed.

Murphy Beds and Custom Cabinets is located in Burbank, Torrance, Santa Ana, Palm Springs and San Diego; a complete system starts at about $800. Sico wall beds are customized by Double Space Corp. of San Diego and at Royal-Pedic Mattress in Hollywood. Techline wall beds are installed by Pacific Design Source in West Hollywood. The Italian bedroom-set/bar/nightstand is from Rapport International in Los Angeles.