Watermaster to Appeal Expansion of Azusa Dump

The Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster, concerned about possible ground-water contamination posed by the Azusa Land Reclamation Co.'s expansion plans, has appealed a regional water board’s approval to the state.

A spokeswoman for the state Water Quality Control Board said she could not estimate when, or whether, the appeal would be heard. Watermaster officials say they may ask the state board to stop the dump from expanding until the appeal is heard.

Dump officials have estimated the landfill has between two and three years capacity at the present rate of fill and have vowed to fight efforts to sidetrack the 25.6-acre expansion, which would extend the landfill’s life 20 years. The expansion, which would include a dual liner to contain leachate from decomposing wastes, is scheduled to be completed by mid-1989.


The landfill is located in a sand and gravel quarry off West Gladstone Street and receives about 1,500 tons of trash daily. The dump, one of five operating landfills in the San Gabriel Valley, has been open since 1952.

The Watermaster is charged with protecting the area’s ground-water supply from contamination.