THE RABBI OF LUD by Stanley Elkin (Scribner’s: $8.95). Jerry Goldkorn officiates for a tiny village that is sustained chiefly by its very animated cemetery.

GOOD TIMES/BAD TIMES by James Kirkwood (Fawcett Crest: $4.50). A young man from a broken home temporarily finds solace at a military academy, until he is accused of murder.

SWEET REVENGE by Nora Roberts (Bantam: $3.95). An American actress marries a Mideastern king and is swept up in a new and exotic way of life.

CIVIL TO STRANGERS AND OTHER WRITINGS by Barbara Pym (Plume: $8.95). Early short stories of this English writer; also includes transcript of a 1978 radio talk.


ODDSPLAYER by Joe Rodriguez (Arte Publico Press: $8.50). The social and political conditions of American society are reflected in a Vietnam battalion.


WHEN MY LOVE RETURNS FROM THE LADIES ROOM, WILL I BE TOO OLD TO CARE? by Lewis Grizzard (Ballantine: $4.95). National syndicated columnist ponders the age-old question, ". . . what do women do in the restroom for so long . . .” and other mysteries of the universe.

TOP GUN: The Navy’s Fighter Weapons School by George Hall (Berkley: $3.95). Narrative tour of the Miramar training site, five-week training program, elite recruits and equipment.

BETWEEN WOMEN: Love, Envy, and Competition in Women’s Friendships by Luise Eichenbaum and Susie Orbach (Penguin: $7.95). Discussion of the social and psychological conditions present within the range of emotions women utilize in their interaction with one another.

THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird (Perennial: $9.95). Plants not only respond to light, but to human beings as well, according to the authors.

THE DEVIL AND MR. BARNES: Portrait of an American Art Collector by Howard Greenfeld (Penguin: $8.95). Dr. Albert C. Barnes’ disposition and privately owned art collection were legendary.


NOLO’S SIMPLE WILL BOOK by Denis Clifford (Nolo Press: $14.95). Clifford, an attorney, instructs the reader on how to write a legally valid will.

RAND McNALLY ROAD ATLAS 1989: United States, Canada, Mexico (Rand McNally: $6.95). Touts 345 detailed, easy-to-read maps and 18,116 changes since the 1988 edition.