IN BRIEF : Sooners Junk Wishbone Offense

From Times wire service s

The Oklahoma Sooners are junking the wishbone as their basic offense for now in favor of the option-I, which coach Barry Switzer says will make his team two-dimensional.

Switzer said in an interview with the Tulsa World that the Sooners will still use the wishbone for goal line and short yardage situations and may run wishbone plays from multiple formations. The offense is being retooled during spring practice.

"I don't think we can ask an inexperienced quarterback to make the same reads and execute the true triple option that we could do with Charles Thompson," Switzer told the newspaper in an interview published in today's editions.

Thompson, the starting quarterback at the end of the 1988 season, has been suspended from the team and is awaiting trial on charges of selling cocaine to an undercover FBI agent.

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