San Diego

A car with its owner outside, clinging to the door and steering wheel, crashed into a house in Encanto on Friday morning after an attempted auto theft, police said.

Marvin Yarborough, 39, of the 5900 block of Brooklyn Avenue, told police he had just gone into his house for a moment at 6:25 a.m. to get something, leaving his his car idling in the driveway.

When Yarborough returned, he found a man behind the wheel.

Yarborough reached inside the car’s window and tried to snatch away the keys, but the driver was able to shift the car into gear and head west on Brooklyn Avenue, with Yarborough hanging on the car’s door, grabbing for the steering wheel, police said.


The car plowed through a wall in a home in the 700 block of Iona Drive after the thief was unable to shake Yarborough loose from the car, police said.

The thief, who ran from the scene, was about 19 years old, police said.

Yarborough suffered a dislocated hip and fractured pelvis and was taken to Mercy Hospital, police said.