Collier Stops Crabtree in 52 Seconds

<i> Times Staff Writer </i>

Bobby Crabtree knew he was facing a former state heavyweight champion. So, to make an impression during the pre-fight instructions, he smashed his gloves down on those of Dee Collier of Los Angeles.

Thus the bout began.

Fifty-two seconds later, Collier returned the favor, smashing his glove into the face of Crabtree.

Thus the bout ended.


Collier’s overhand right left Crabtree, 205 1/2, crumpled in the corner, ending the bout less than a minute into the scheduled 10-round main event Tuesday night at The Country Club in Reseda. The 221-pound Collier, a former state heavyweight champion, earned not only his 12th win and seventh knockout in 20 fights but also a shot at current state heavyweight champion Lionel Washington. Crabtree, of Ft. Smith, Ark., dropped to 35-20-1.

Also on the card were the Weaver triplets of Canoga Park, boxing’s first and only brother-brother-brother act.

Two of the brothers even performed in an almost identical manner. Loyd Weaver (6-1, four knockouts), a middleweight, stopped Tosand Jewell (8-6-1) of Inglewood at 1:16 of the first round of a scheduled five-rounder.

Floyd Weaver (9-1-2, seven knockouts), a junior middleweight, also won in the first round, dropping Rod Starks (10-13-3) of Huntington Beach with a left hook 1:37 into the first of five scheduled rounds. It was the second time Starks had been down.


The third Weaver brother, super middleweight Troy (7-2-2), had to settle for a draw against David Vedder (9-7-3) of San Jose in a six-round bout. Referee Rudy Jordan subtracted two points from each man for holding in a bout better suited for Dance Fever.

In the night’s other preliminary bout, welterweight Dary Colquitt (7-8-3) of Los Angeles won a five-round split decision over John Sale (11-2) of Studio City.