The Stationmaster's Wife (Bravo Monday at 12:15...

The Stationmaster's Wife (Bravo Monday at 12:15 a.m.): In the late R.W. Fassbinder's skilled hands, this familiar tale of a pompous, minor official (the late Kurt Raab) undone by his sensuous, glamorous wife (Elisabeth Trissenaar) dazzles as a rueful study in human misery with which we can all identify. (1:50)

Silver Dollar (TNT Wednesday at 6 a.m.): A 1932 film inspired by the rise and fall of Colorado silver king Horace Tabor (Edward G. Robinson) and his love for his beautiful second wife Baby Doe (still alive when this film was made). Aline MacMahon plays the plain, starchy, first Mrs. Tabor. (2:00)

Dodsworth (Channel 11 Friday at 1 a.m.): Memorable 1936 William Wyler film from the Sinclair Lewis novel: Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton, Paul Lukas and Mary Astor star. (2:00)

Hell's Angels (AMC Friday at 5 p.m., again at 10:30 p.m.): Legendary Howard Hughes World War I epic, with terrific aerial warfare and Jean Harlow's equally spectacular decolletage. (2:05)

A Lesson in Love (Z Saturday at 2:30 p.m.): Sparkling 1954 Ingmar Bergman marital comedy, with Gunner Bjornstrand and Eva Dahlbeck. (2:00)

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