Widow to Seek Husband’s Post


The South Pasadena City Council had the legal responsibility on May 17 to try to agree on an appointment to fill the vacancy left by the death of my husband, Councilman Joe Crosby.

Unfortunately, they were not in agreement. Now there will be an election for the vacant seat in November. This leaves the council short a fifth vote for more than six months.

It is my intention to run for this seat. Joe completed exactly one year of his four-year term, and he wanted me to succeed him. I will work toward fulfilling some of Joe’s plans for our town.


Joe Crosby brought harmony to the council, and I would like to do the same. The first suggestion I would have is to immediately appoint Evelyn Fierro as mayor pro tem. She was the top vote-getter in the 1988 election and is in line for this appointment.


South Pasadena