Man With BB Gun Shot by Deputies

Sheriff's deputies opened fire on a suspected drunken man in Bellflower who pointed a BB gun at them outside his house, wounding him slightly with ricocheting bullets, authorities said Monday.

Luis Ecchervarria, 46, treated for wounds to his left earlobe and left hand, was arrested on suspicion of exhibiting a firearm with intent to prevent detention by police, Deputy Roger Hom said.

Deputies had been called to investigate a disturbance at Ecchervarria's house at 10:20 p.m. Sunday, Hom said.

The man appeared in the doorway armed "with what appeared to be a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol," Hom said. "He pointed the pistol at the deputies."

One of the deputies fired a round but missed the gunman, who darted back into the house. Shortly afterward, he came back out still armed with the gun and assumed a "crouching, combat-style position," Hom said.

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