Robin Took Best Punch, Tyson Says in Biography

From Associated Press

A shocking new biography of Mike Tyson quotes the heavyweight champion as saying he enjoys hurting women and the best punch he ever landed was on ex-wife Robin Givens.

The book, “Fire and Fear: The Inside Story of Mike Tyson,” was written by former Tyson friend Jose Torres and provides an insider’s look at the volatile fighter.

Excerpts of the book provided by its publisher, Warner Books Inc., included Tyson’s recollection of the best punch he ever threw.


“It was when I fought Robin in Steve Lott’s apartment. She really offended me and I went BAM. She flew backwards, hitting every wall in the apartment,” Tyson recalled. “That was the best punch I’ve ever thrown in my entire life.”

Tyson and Givens divorced after a brief marriage. The actress had accused her husband of physical violence during their marriage.

Tyson also details a sadistic viewpoint on sex. “I like to hurt women when I make love to them. . . . It gives me pleasure,” Torres quotes Tyson as saying.

Torres, a former light-heavyweight champion and ex-New York State Athletic Commission head, provides a look at the attitude Tyson brings to the ring for his fights.

Talking about his first-round knockout of Jesse Ferguson, Tyson said, “I was trying to push his nose bone up into his brains.”

The book also provides an unflattering portrait of a greedy Givens.

Torres writes of Givens screaming at one of Tyson’s representatives at Merrill Lynch: “I want my money! Where is my money? You’re one of Cayton’s boys. We’re going to take our money out of here.”


Tyson’s managers were Jim Jacobs and Billy Cayton. Jacobs has died, and Cayton and Tyson are embroiled in a bitter court fight over the champion’s finances.