Pasadena : City Manager Gets a Raise

Call it a going-away present.

The Pasadena Board of Directors voted Tuesday to give retiring City Manager Donald F. McIntyre a $23,000 raise to boost his retirement pension.

McIntyre, who has been city manager for 16 years, will now make $126,498 a year, up 15.6% from his previous salary. McIntyre's pension will be 80% of his final salary when he retires next year.

Police Chief James Robenson, who is not retiring, was also a beneficiary of the board's largess.

McIntyre had recommended a 3% raise for the police chief, but Director William Paparian said Robenson's should receive a 15.6% raise so his salary would top those of police chiefs in comparable cities.

The board unanimously approved the raise, bringing Robenson's annual salary to $92,780.

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