Atwater Village Favors Schurgin Project

The Boulevard Business Assn. of Atwater Village would like to respond regarding the school board/Franciscan site issue (Glendale Section, July 6). The BBA represents over 100 merchants in Atwater Village. We are also supported by a majority of homeowners.

We have worked closely with Schurgin Development Co. over the past two years developing a project we are confident will be good for our business community and homeowners as well. It's a beautiful, well-planned development and we are all looking forward to its completion.

Our school district has had years to investigate this site. Now, with all planning completed and countless community meetings behind us, they decide to take another look? We feel Atwater Village, because it is a small community, is being manipulated.

The article quoted Los Feliz Improvement Assn. and its "1,200" members extensively. They represent Los Feliz, not Atwater Village! They do not participate in our neighborhood meetings, local business group or our community cleanup programs. We sincerely hope this will not be another example of a small community exploited by its more prestigious or "well-known" neighbors.

Throughout, the article referred to our community as Atwater. Over two years ago, we succeeded in having the name changed back to the original name, Atwater Village. We would appreciate this identification in future articles.


President, Boulevard Business Assn. of Atwater Village

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