Raising City Taxes: Is It a Good Idea?

The city manager and four members of the City Council claim that their resolution to raise new and additional city taxes was well thought out.

I question this decision.

Not only will business feel the sword, but we the residents will as well. People of Monterey Park, you have been told if this budget was not approved, your key services would have to be cut.

Well, guess what? The budget was approved by those same four council members and your services have been cut. We the residents will be charged every time we use our so-called city services. Any call considered a non-emergency will be billed to you, the caller. Who decides on what is an emergency? The same people who claim this resolution was well thought out.

Your house had better burn, your property had better be stolen, you had better look like you've been attacked or be dead; otherwise, you're going to be billed for your city service.

A business charges for services provided. But your city is supposed to provide services with your tax dollars.

Why not use the money that our council has decided to spend on parking meters along our commercial areas to provide service, not as an expense that will further destroy our retail business and use up our tax dollars?

Monterey Park citizens will be the losers with this well-thought-out resolution.


Monterey Park

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