Costa Mesa : Costa Mesa Man Wins $5.64 Million in Lottery

A Costa Mesa man will split an $11.03 million jackpot after correctly picking all six numbers in the California Lottery's "Lotto 6-49" game Wednesday night, state lottery officials said Thursday.

Patrick Ketcham, 28, who bought his ticket at Albertson's market on Harbor Boulevard, joined David Shevey of Victorville in picking the winning numbers: 13, 11, 21, 27, 8, 29 and the bonus number, 25.

The two men will receive $5.64 million in 20 annual payments of $282,000, said Joanne McNabb, a spokeswoman for the state lottery. After the withholding of federal taxes, the payments will be $225,600.

Ketcham picked the numbers himself, while Shevey's ticket was selected by a Quick Pick machine.

Ketcham was unavailable for comment Thursday, but the greeting on his answering machine was Creedence Clearwater Revival singing: "If I only had a dollar for every song I've sung. . . ."

Seven other players picked five of the six numbers plus the bonus number and won $233,275 each, lottery officials said.

Total sales for Wednesday night's drawing were $15,296,769.

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