More Scrutiny Urged for Panel Candidates

Los Angeles County supervisors have agreed to explore ways to ensure that applicants seeking appointments to county commissions submit accurate resumes, but the panel stopped short of ordering Sheriff's Department background checks.

"I think the sheriff has enough to do to catch criminals," said Supervisor Ed Edelman. And Supervisor Pete Schabarum called the measure "a waste of time."

Supervisor Deane Dana proposed considering complete background checks on prospective commission members after one of his appointees was arrested on forgery charges and traffic warrants. Dana said this week that he recently received a completely false resume.

Schabarum and Kenneth Hahn pointedly noted that the effort to find people willing to serve on commissions begins with personal knowledge of their backgrounds.

The supervisors agreed on a 3-1 vote to instruct the county's chief administrative officer and the county counsel to explore ways of improving the application procedure and report their findings within 30 days.

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