Gay Pride Festival in Centennial Park

As a citizen of Santa Ana who is actively involved in city government, I am particularly interested in the homosexual festival proposed by Orange County Cultural Pride.

Over 95% of the 2,000 citizens of Santa Ana that have expressed their opinion to Mayor (Daniel E.) Young and the City Council regarding the homosexual festival are strongly opposed to its taking place. While this is a gauge of the level, or lack thereof, of acceptance of homosexuality, it is not the basis for denying or revoking the permit.

The basis for denying the permit lies in existing city statutes. A permit may be denied if the activity unreasonably interferes with or detracts from the general public use and enjoyment of the park, unreasonably interferes with or detracts from the public health, safety, or welfare, is reasonably likely to result in violence to persons or property, and will entail an extraordinary expense or operation by the city.

Homosexuals have the right to do as they wish in their bathhouses and bedrooms. Now, they want to desensitize the moral standards of our community. This will be damaging to our children, families and country.

Santa Ana has numerous satisfactory venues to express one's political and social beliefs. Centennial Park is not an appropriate site for this highly controversial event. The city's first duty is to serve its citizens and to ensure their enjoyment of our parks.



Board of Parks and Recreation

Santa Ana

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