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The National Audubon Society, Stroh Brewing Co. and the timber industry are involved in a flap that reportedly has seen the brewery withdraw $600,000 in financing for future Audubon Society television specials. At issue is "Rage Over Trees," a program dealing with the debate over preservation of the Northwest's remaining ancient forests. The documentary is scheduled to air Sept. 24 (at 7 p.m.) on TBS cable, prior to later airing on PBS. Environmental sources told the Associated Press that the withdrawal of funds came after Northwest loggers, upset with the special, had threatened the brewery with a boycott. That brought a charge of censorship from Peter A.A. Berle, Audubon Society president, who said that even though the society is pro-environment, the group's specials have "a proven track record for fairness." A spokeswoman for Stroh said that a timber industry coalition had been in contact with the brewery regarding the program but that their concerns were not involved in dropping the funding. She said the company was presently reviewing all sponsorships and community activities because of a need to cut costs.

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