W. Hollywood : Serial Rapist Hunted

A serial rapist in West Hollywood has sexually assaulted four women and attempted to assault another during the past eight weeks, Los Angeles County Sheriff's detectives said Tuesday.

Detective Pam Sivelle said the rapist attacks single women who usually live on the first floor and have left their window curtains open, allowing him to see if the victims are alone.

So far, Sivelle said, the rapist has struck weekdays between midnight and 3 a.m. Sivelle said the attacker, "appears to be an opportunist and will not enter your home if he cannot see inside all the rooms."

Two rapes occurred in July, one in August and the latest sexual assault happened over the Labor Day weekend.

In most cases, the rapist had access to an apartment or house through unlocked doors or windows, she said.

The Sheriff's Department requests that anyone with additional information on the serial rapist contact Sivelle at (213) 855-8850.

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