4th Murder Count Filed in Racial Case

From Associated Press

Joseph Serrano, 19, who was arrested on assault charges, on Friday became the fourth person indicted on murder charges in the Bensonhurst racial attack, authorities said.

Indicted earlier on murder charges in the Aug. 23 attack were the suspected triggerman, 18-year-old Joseph Fama, and two others, Keith Mondello, 18, and Pasquale Raucci, 19.

Three other young white men have been arrested for allegedly taking part in the slaying of 16-year-old Yusuf Hawkins but have not been indicted. Police say they expect to arrest other suspects.

Hawkins was shot to death after he and three friends, also black, went to the predominantly white Bensonhurst neighborhood to look at a used car, authorities said. The four were mistaken for friends of a young woman who reportedly had jilted one of the attackers and had been dating blacks and Latinos.