Some might describe it as boring, but...


Some might describe it as boring, but no one can deny that the Ventura College offense has been effective. Heck, the more boring the better, if Saturday’s 24-14 Western State Conference victory over L.A. Valley is an indication.

The Pirates rushed for 297 yards and attempted only nine passes in extending their record to 5-0. The ho-hum game plan excites Ryan Rapoza, however, who along with fellow backs John Johnson and Ferando Green benefits the most.

Rapoza, a sophomore, rushed for 119 yards in 14 carries, his first 100-yard game since the opener.


“Ryan ran the ball extremely well. He helped us establish a good running game,” Coach Phil Passno.

After the Pirates took a 21-14 halftime lead, Ventura’s running game chewed up the clock in the second half, effectively keeping the Valley offense off the field. Scoring in the second half ground to a near halt as Ventura added a field goal and Valley was held scoreless.

That could be called boring but Rapoza will remain to content to bore holes into opposing defenses as long as Ventura keeps winning.