Take Five

How's this for a hot combo: Garry ("Happy Days") Marshall (drums), actor Richard Gere (piano) and actress Julia Roberts (bass). Along with two guitarists, they jammed at last weekend's wrap party for Touchstone Pictures' "3000" with a repertoire best described as eclectic: easy-listening blues with some fusion, jazz, country and a little rock tossed in.

"Garry used to play drums in a dance band in the Catskills when he was younger," said Gere, who, at 40, has been playing and composing music seriously since high school.

Marshall, 54, directed "3000," with Gere as a Wall Street wolf who pays a prostitute (Roberts) $3,000 to let him make her over as a high-society grand dame. Gere, who sings, dances and plays piano in this Pygmalion story, struck on the idea of the combo when he learned that Marshall was a semi-professional drummer. They found two production people who played guitar--that made four.

"Then," said Marshall, "we heard that Julia played bass and we thought: Perfect!"

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