Wage Hike for Transit District Mechanics

How interesting to learn about the generous 12% wage boost afforded the mechanics and service workers at Orange County Transit District (Oct. 17) through auspices of the Teamsters Union.

While the Teamsters are not yet in power as a representative of OCTD, they have negotiated a contract by simply ignoring the United Transportation Union, which is currently the bargaining agent with some months remaining on its contract.

What is even more difficult to understand is the clause in this new contract that calls for pay bonuses for employees who meet attendance and productivity goals.

Once again the OCTD management shows us how it "manages" the bottomless pit of money that taxpayers continue to throw at it. Strange as it may seem, I always felt that it was up to the management to see to it that the employees showed up at the job every day, otherwise they are fired.

And as far as bonuses for productivity goals, again, they either produce as the standards require or, again, we fire them.

I would like to have the OCTD explain the details of this $500 pay bonus plan to coerce employees to show up for their jobs and/or to perform to the work standards as established.



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