NAMES IN THE NEWS : Fox Fears the Dark Side of Fame

From Times Wire Services

Although fame and fortune have brightened the future of Michael J. Fox, the "Back to the Future" actor does admit success has a dark side.

"After Rebecca Schaeffer was killed, people said, 'Doesn't that scare you?' Of course it scares me," Fox said, referring to the actress who was gunned down, allegedly by a disturbed fan.

"But I'm not lunatic about it," Fox said in the Dec. 4 issue of People magazine. "We lock the doors like everybody else. But who wants to live in a cocoon?"

Last year, while Fox was shooting "Casualties of War" on location in Thailand, his wife, Tracy Pollan, began receiving threatening letters. The woman who allegedly wrote them is now in a California psychiatric facility awaiting trial on five counts of making terroristic threats.

"You can't just shrug it off and say, 'Well, I'm a celebrity. It comes with the territory,' " Fox said.

He said he has hired bodyguards, but added: "It's key that you live as normal a life as possible. I don't subscribe to the theory that you surround yourself with a phalanx of meat and guns."

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