Culver City : Deadline for Tax Refunds

Eligible Culver City residents age 60 and older and disabled people have until Dec. 31 to file for a refund of utility taxes they paid in 1988.

To qualify for the refund, an individual must be at least 60 and have an adjusted gross income of no more than $8,000, and the adjusted gross income of the household cannot be more than $9,000. Disabled people may also be eligible for the refund.

Such people may request to be exempt from such taxes in the future, according to the city treasurer's office.

Claim forms for the refund are available at the treasurer's office in the new City Hall, 4095 Overland Ave., Building 2; at the Culver City Senior Citizens Center, 4135 Overland Ave.; or by calling 202-5865.

After Jan. 1, people may file for refunds of 1989 utility taxes.

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