Nixon Letters

It is amusing to read letters (April 23) from knee-jerk neo-Hobbesian liberals whining over seeing former President Richard Nixon in print (excerpts from his new book, “In the Arena: A Memoir of Victory, Defeat and Renewal,” were published in Opinion, April 8 and April 15, and on the Op-Ed Page, April 12).

They are still sore that Nixon won’t grovel to their ideology or praise them for their partisanship. Their anger continues because Nixon refused to surrender South Vietnam to the Marxist slavery of Hanoi, leaving Democrats in Congress to cause the boat people exodus.

And then there is Watergate--a third-rate burglary which is somehow equivalent to the crematories of Hitler.

No grief or consternation from liberals is ever heard regarding Franklin Roosevelt’s maneuvering to bring America into the Second World War through the back door in order to make the world safe for Stalin. No anguish is mentioned over John Kennedy’s apathy towards the Cuban missile crisis until it was almost too late.


After all, as John Connally mused, “Nobody drowned at Watergate.”