Walk, Don’t Drive

Two years ago I sold my car. I find I can walk nearly everywhere I want to go. I do not pollute by pouring fumes into the air nor do I contribute to traffic congestion. If I can do it, so can many others. I believe that each person should think over how he/she can eliminate a trip a day or a trip a week.

Walk to the market, the bank, church. Let the children walk, it’s good for them. According to the papers, many children are overweight and underfed. In La Jolla, many high school children arrive in big cars, which clutter up the school grounds and drive off in clouds of sulfur emissions, with screeching brakes and loud radios.

So think about it. I remember during the war that signs at every rail or bus station asked “Is This Trip Necessary?” Saving fuel will cut down on importing it.



La Jolla