Clippers Have Cut List to Two

The Clippers, having cut their list of candidates to Mike Fratello and Mike Schuler, may name their new coach as soon as today.

General Manager Elgin Baylor denied that a decision has been made between the two finalists, although he did say that a third possibility, who he has declined to identify, was eliminated. Fratello, former coach at Atlanta, and Schuler, an assistant at Golden State, both had second interviews this week, Fratello Tuesday and Schuler Wednesday, each lasting about three hours.

"We're satisfied with everything we have heard," Baylor said. "Now, it's just a matter of kicking it around among ourselves before making the decision.

"We are very close. By the middle of next week, for sure, we'll have a decision to announce. There is a remote possibility it could happen in the next day or two."

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