Frank Robinson Suspended, Plans to Appeal

From Associated Press

Baltimore Oriole Manager Frank Robinson, who was suspended for three games Wednesday for abusing American League umpire Drew Coble, is looking forward to telling his side of the story.

Robinson said he will appeal the suspension. The hearing before AL President Bobby Brown is set for today. Robinson managed Wednesday night’s Baltimore-Minnesota game, with Coble umpiring at second base.

“I want to have my say,” Robinson said. “I want to see what everyone has to say. I’ll save my comments for (Brown).”

Robinson was ejected during Monday’s Orioles-Twins game.


Brown said the suspension was for “physical contact with the umpire, use of abusive language, delay of the game and inappropriate postgame remarks to the press.”

Coble was the home-plate umpire Monday when Minnesota Manager Tom Kelly replaced pitcher Juan Berenguer with Terry Leach in the eighth inning. Kelly finished speaking with Leach, took a few steps toward the dugout, stopped, turned around, and again conferred briefly with Leach before leaving the field.

Robinson argued that Kelly should have been charged with a second trip to the mound and that Leach should have been removed.

Robinson became irate when Coble told him that it wouldn’t be considered a trip because Kelly hadn’t crossed the foul line before returning to the mound.

Actually, rule 8.06 states: “A manager is considered to have concluded his visit to the mound when he leaves the 18-foot circle surrounding the pitcher’s rubber.” Kelly didn’t appear to go that far away from Leach.