DANA POINT : Krause, Eggers Lead in Raising Funds

Mayor Eileen Krause has raised the most money of the seven candidates seeking three City Council seats in Tuesday's election, but Councilman Michael Eggers has spent the most money, according to financial statements.

Krause, one of three incumbents in the city's first council race since incorporating last year, has raised $20,572 and spent $11,281. Nearly $14,500 of that has been raised in the last three months, her statement showed.

Eggers, an aide to Rep. Ron Packard (R-Carlsbad), has collected the second highest total, raising $20,159 and spending $13,132. Only $2,760.99 of that came this year, however, with the remainder having been raised in the summer of 1989, Eggers said.

Fund raising by Krause and Eggers has far outpaced the third incumbent, Ingrid McGuire, who has raised $10,696 and spent $5,573. She has raised $4,084 in the last three months, documents show.

Challenger Karen Lloreda, a Capistrano Beach homemaker, has raised $7,750 and spent $7,788. The statements show that Lloreda raised $7,010 of her funds in the last three months, nearly all of it from Capistrano Beach residents.

Harold Kaufman, a businessman who is also chairman of the city's Planning Commission, has raised $3,978 and spent $3,593. Kaufman has raised $2,678 in the last three months.

Thomas B. Moy, an instructor for the California Department of Corrections, and William L. Petersen, an optometrist, have both spent less than $1,000. Moy has vowed not to take any donations of more than $250.

The city of Dana Point has no limit on campaign contributions, although by state law single contributors can donate no more than $1,000 in a fiscal year, City Clerk Mary Carlson said.

The candidates were required to submit financial disclosure statements by May 24 to Carlson. The documents cover a time period ending May 19, Carlson said. The candidates must file another campaign disclosure statement by July 31.

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