'Battle Cry Echoes in Canyons' as Ecologists Fight Developers

The Alliance for Survival was very pleased to learn of the Palisades Canyon Restoration Committee's recent victory when the Planning Commission adopted the resolution to form a committee to restore the canyon to the use intended by the Conservation and Resource Preservation easement.

We are glad to know that the destruction to the natural beauty of the area will be reversed and that future generations will be able to enjoy the naturally occurring wildlife and flora of this part of Orange County.

In organizing Earth Day activities, we often spoke of people taking personal responsibility for the state of the environment. We are very heartened to see this message taken personally by the neighbors in the Palisades Canyon area.

We can only hope that local actions such as this become commonplace and that more communities become as protective of their immediate surroundings as has this neighborhood.


Alliance for Survival

Santa Ana

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