Government Aid for Illegal Immigrants Ought to Be Stopped

Housing and Urban Development Department Secretary Jack Kemp is wrong. There will not be wide support for easing immigration restrictions in California. Enough is enough, and we are overcrowded with hordes of illegal aliens.

Why should we provide any aid to illegal immigrants? If they are illegal, they are not U.S. citizens, they do not belong here and our money should not be spent assisting them.

It only sends a message for more to come. Since when is California designated as the safe haven for illegals?

Of course the civil liberties groups, immigration rights organizations and religious groups call us racist for wanting to restrict them; it is their job and money in their pocket to protect them.

This is America, this is our country and we are trying to protect it. I believe it is more of an overcrowding problem than a racist one. We are running out of space, water, clean air, roads, dump sites, etc.

The people in Oregon and Washington do not want Californians moving to their states, and they come right out and tell us so. We are not wanted. Stay home, they say. Is this racist?


Mission Viego

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