COSTA MESA : Bar Owner to Fight Possible Closure

The owner of Henry N’ Harry’s Goat Hill Tavern has appealed a decision by the City Council that would shut the bar down.

The bar’s owner, Robert R. Ziemer, predicts that the case may result in some legal action if the council reaffirms its decision at a regularly scheduled meeting Aug. 6.

“What we’re going through right now is a procedure,” Ziemer said Tuesday. “It’s an appeal, and they’re going to turn us down and then we’re going to talk . . . through the courts.”

At its meeting July 16, the council heard testimony from neighboring businesses and residents that blamed loud fights and other disruptions on the bar’s patrons. It also received reports from city police and fire officials, who documented the times that they had been called to the bar.


Fire Marshal Tom MacDuff cited the bar, at 1830 Newport Blvd., for allegedly exceeding its occupancy limit of 216.

Ziemer is confident that the bar, open since 1984, will not be permanently closed. However, he refused to disclose arguments that he will present to the council to allow the bar to remain open.

“We are not going on record on what we’re doing, but we’re in business,” Ziemer said. “We intend to stay open, I don’t know if by chance or by luck.”