SHORT TAKES : 'Tex' Cobb Puts Down His Dukes

From Times Wire Services

A heavyweight boxer turned Hollywood actor says the only fights he gets into now are with his wife.

"And she wins," Nashville resident Randall (Tex) Cobb said about his wife, Sharon, who's a music producer-writer with their record label and song-publishing company, Heavyweight Titles.

Cobb is most remembered for the beating he took from Larry Holmes in a 1982 bout. The fight was so bloody that TV commentator Howard Cosell said it made him quit covering pro boxing.

"I can make more money selling the movie business than I could selling my blood in the ring," Cobb said recently.

Cobb made his movie debut in "Uncommon Valor" and had roles in "Raising Arizona" and "The Champ."

His next movie, "Blind Fury," is coming out this fall, he said. He plays a heavy, much like earlier roles.

"I am another scum-sucking dog in this one--a role that anyone would be embarrassed to know me, much less bring me home with them," Cobb said.

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