FILLMORE : Changes in Oxnard Plan Protested


The Fillmore City Council voted Tuesday to register an official protest against proposed changes to Oxnard’s General Plan, which the council feels could jeopardize development in Fillmore.

Along with the annexation of 7,000 acres of agricultural land, Oxnard is proposing to increase jobs by 175%, while housing would grow by only 32%.

“This means that significantly more people will be driving to Oxnard to work,” Community Development Director Mary Ann Krause told the council. “Cross-commuting contributes to overall congestion, and the longer the commute, the more air pollution.”


According to Krause, many Fillmore residents already work in Oxnard. If jobs increase in Oxnard before Fillmore can attract employers, air quality restrictions may prevent commercial and industrial development that would provide jobs for Fillmore citizens, Krause said.

The council approved a letter expressing Fillmore’s concerns. A copy was sent to Oxnard Mayor Nao Takasugi and the letter was to be read into the record during Tuesday’s General Plan hearings in Oxnard.

Fillmore’s formal protest of the Oxnard plan will also be expressed to the Local Agency Formation Commission, which can approve or deny the proposed annexation.