Police Mistake Celtics’ Brown for Bank Robber

Dee Brown, a member of the Boston Celtics, said he was held at gunpoint by several Wellesley, Mass., police officers who apparently thought he was a bank robbery suspect.

Brown told WCVB-TV in Boston he was sitting in his car with his fiancee, reading through mail, when police approached him and ordered him to get out and lie on the ground.

“I’m shocked . . . terrified,” Brown said.

Brown said he and his fiancee were considering buying a home in Wellesley, a wealthy suburb outside Boston. But Friday’s incident changed his mind.


“Now I don’t want to live there,” he said. “I see myself laying on the ground, a gun pointing at the back of my head.”

Brown said he believed police singled him out because they thought he matched the description of someone who robbed a nearby bank last week.

A Wellesley police dispatcher, who declined to be named, said bank employees had called the bank because they were suspicious.

“There was just a misunderstanding. The bank employees thought it was somebody else,” he said.