San Marino Money Crunch Effects

Regarding your news story about the plight of the San Marino public schools (Times, Sept. 20), let me cite another small example of how the financial crisis has had a negative effect on the quality of life in the local area.

About a decade ago, the school system installed a superior lighting system for the San Marino high school tennis courts, and those courts have provided innumerable recreational opportunities for citizens over the years.

But for over six months, the lights on one of the five courts have been completely dark; a few bulbs on the other courts that burned out more than two years ago have likewise never been replaced. In other words, the school district is so strapped for money that it does not even have the loose change necessary to replace a few light bulbs on its deteriorating tennis courts.

I have complained to school officials in writing on two occasions but with no favorable response to date--just one phone call from someone in the maintenance department stating that there were insufficient funds in the current budget to repair the damage.


San Marino

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