What Would You Tell World's Honchos?

Sometimes not even our best friends or our parents have time to listen to what we have to say. But imagine for a moment that there's a soapbox in place and you've got the attention of the entire world.

Hot Topics wonders: "If you could have one hour to address the leaders of influential nations, what would you tell them?"

"Learn to appreciate and understand the cultures and religions of other nations to better understand the way others think." Kevin Westberg, 14, freshman, Santa Margarita

"Stop worrying about whether you're going to get reelected or what the press and public think or say, but concentrate on doing the best job you can with the time you have." Gino Daddario, 16, junior, Loara

"We need to accomplish peace and join together." David Villavovos, 17, junior, Century

"Send more troops to Saudi Arabia and then go whip the bold Saddam Hussein before he has a chance to attack us and blackmail us with oil and hostages." Hubert Ho, 17, senior, Ocean View

"Start thinking of all the people in the world and not just individual countries." Rebecca Smith, 17, senior, Corona del Mar

"Why don't countries mind their own business and leave each other alone?" Christina Hallenbeck, 15, sophomore, St. Margaret's

"Words of anger are the words everyone regrets the most, so you should all remain calm in stressful situations." Danny Wong, 18, senior, Esperanza

"Consider what you're doing and how it will affect future generations." Colleen Durfey, 17, senior, El Modena

"AIDS should be dealt with immediately because it is an international issue that should get the most attention." Chris Watanabe, 16, junior, Saddleback

"First, I would speak to them about peace. That's the most important thing. Then, I'd speak to them about food and water and how it should be distributed evenly between all nations." Becky Fultz, 16, junior, Western

"Saddam Hussein needs to learn the definition of the word guest. " Sarah Forbes, 16, sophomore, University

"Spend more money on cleaning up the air and education and less money for arms. They only get us in trouble, and, oh, cut your salary." Michelle Plumer, 15, junior, Santa Ana Valley

"Our nation is in a time of turmoil due to the ignorance and apathetic attitudes that have been fostered in the American home. The only thing that will change this is a radical reform in American ethics." Joseph Haney, 15, sophomore, Huntington Beach

"You should take action against all those factors that are destroying our environment." Scott Vu, 16, sophomore, St. Michael's Prep

"We would like for everyone to come together and form one united nation. Everyone's laws should be the same, and everyone should be free." Meaghan Eastman, 15, sophomore, Rancho Alamitos

"Get rid of nuclear missiles." Erik Jullin, 14, freshman, Sonora

"I would talk to Japan and ask it not to be prejudiced against our culture." Tessa Goff, 15, sophomore, Connelly

"Why can't we take the money our world uses for military purposes in one year and use it to stop homelessness and drugs?" Julie Peterson, 17, senior, Rosary

"Don't listen to people with all the money. They seem to be the evil ones." John Rodney, 17, junior, Los Alamitos

"All government is wrong and should be abolished. Peace through freedom, freedom through anarchy." Jake Landmesser, 16, junior, Villa Park

"Peace should be the most important thing on your list." Crystal Lochmiller, 15, sophomore, La Habra

"War is a pretty stupid excuse to show who's bigger and better. If you really want to be looked upon as a great nation, why don't you stop fighting and try and help those in need?" Edward Buerger, 17, senior, St. Margaret's

"Blood is more important than oil." Corey Schuld, 16, sophomore, Santa Ana Valley

"We are now at the point where we need to set aside our differences and unite as humans, or go the way of the dinosaur." William Ticknor, 17, senior, Esperanza

"The leaders should speed things up with space exploration. Also, youths should have a chance to go to outer space." Florencio Gomez, 16, junior, Saddleback

"I would tell them how fed up the public is with politicians. They used to be people we could trust, but now they no longer have or deserve our trust." Claude Doumerc, 15, junior, Huntington Beach

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