It didn’t start out as a big...

It didn’t start out as a big night for Chaminade High place kicker Amy Cook.

She had a field goal attempt blocked in the first half. “We didn’t block for her very well,” said coach Richard Lawson.

But things picked up. At halftime, the 5-foot-6-inch senior changed into a gown and was crowned homecoming queen of the San Fernando Valley school.

Then Cook changed back into her other outfit and kicked a point after touchdown, her seventh this year.


Public address announcer Alan Mitchell noted: “That may have been the first extra point by a homecoming queen.”

The West L.A. Veloway was displayed--complete with artist’s conception--in a recent USA Today bicycling feature, which said that construction on the pathway for commuting peddlers “could begin next year.”

“It’s news to us,” said a spokesman for Supervisor Ed Edelman, a member of the County Transportation Commission.

Urban planner Ryan Snyder, the Veloway’s chief advocate, says 1993 is a more realistic goal--environmental impact statements haven’t even been submitted yet. But a crucial factor in this budget-strapped era is that at least $6 million must be found to finance the 2.5-mile route.


The Southland has been without a veloway since 1900, when 600 bicyclists inaugurated the Dobbins Elevated Cycleway. Originally planned as a Pasadena-L.A. route, it was abandoned a few months later after about a mile had been completed. Before the cycleway’s demise, it was also tested by a Stanley Steamer, which hit a stupefying speed of 25 m.p.h. That evidently gave elevated-road planners another idea.

The term-limitation measures on the ballot inspired Val Rodriguez of Signal Hill to send us a recent vacation photo he took of Throw-the-Rascals-Out-Street in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico. No Reeleccion was a slogan of the Mexican Revolution, referring to crooked elections of the regime of dictator Porfirio Diaz.

An anti-growth group in San Diego, which is opposing two measures on that area’s ballot, goes by the acronym of PLAN. That’s short for Prevent Los Angelization Now.

May they take a long ride on a short veloway.



Bubble Boutique in Hollywood claims to be the only shop devoted exclusively to soap opera memorabilia, including trading cards that list actors’ height, hair and eye color, and personal information, such as “Santa Barbara” star Robin Mattson’s allergy to bee stings.