BARDSDALE : Barn Fire Destroys 3 Vehicles, Presents

A fire destroyed a Bardsdale barn containing three vehicles and a family’s Christmas presents early Friday, Ventura County fire officials said. The property loss was estimated at $50,000.

Michael D. Taylor, who was sleeping in an adjacent house, said the 2:50 a.m. fire probably was caused by an electrical short in an extension cord in the barn. Taylor’s sister, Twila Berry, who lives in the barn, was asleep when the fire started.

“I went to sleep about 11 o’clock and woke up at about 3. Something just woke me up,” Berry said. “I looked up and I thought I was having a nightmare. I saw this glow and realized, ‘Hey, I’m not dreaming.’ Then I felt this heat. I was OK, but I just got a car for Christmas and all the money we spent for the kids on Christmas, it all went up in smoke.”

Property loss included two cars, a truck, power tools, clothes and an estimated $400 in Christmas presents.


“We were all buying early Christmas presents so there wouldn’t be a crunch,” Taylor said.