COUNTERPUNCH LETTERS : Pierce Brosnan’s Response to a Quote Draws Hearty Hooray

Hooray for Pierce Brosnan (whom we do not know personally) and for his movie, “Mr. Johnson” (which we haven’t yet seen)!

As members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, each for a quarter of a century, and as film-industry workers, each for half a century, we applaud Mr. Brosnan’s cogent response (Dec. 3) to the wise guy’s quote in Elaine Dutka’s “Handicappers Set Early Line” article.

All of us who claim to be filmmakers must support every attempt to make a worthwhile movie for the sake of decency and respect, at least. We must be generous with the benefit of the doubt until the public is given a chance to decide on worth.

Mr. Brosnan, we’ll queue up at the box office to see your film.



Beverly Hills