OXNARD : Fire Plans, Chemical Spills to Be Explored

Emergency planning in case of fires or chemical spills and state requirements on toxic substances will be discussed at a two-part breakfast seminar for Ventura County businesses Jan. 17 and Jan. 24.

The seminar, sponsored by the Ventura County Economic Development Assn., is aimed at companies handling toxic materials, which includes “almost all companies with any container larger than five gallons of any flammable liquid,” event chairman Kevin Gieschen said.

Participants will learn how to develop emergency plans for use in the event of a fire or a chemical spill, and also how to dispose of toxic wastes, including ordinary cleaning agents.

Many businesses are hesitant to contact regulating agencies to find out about proper planning and waste disposal, since those agencies can fine them, Gieschen said.


“There are more and more new laws coming into effect, and we just want to make sure people are aware of them,” Gieschen said.

Legal aspects of environmental business planning will be discussed in the first session. Representatives from the Ventura County Fire Department will speak during the second session about emergency procedures.

The seminar will be held at the Financial Plaza Hilton in Oxnard.