NAMES IN THE GAMES : Davis Can Rest Easier as Oriole

From Times Wire Services

If nothing else, Glenn Davis expects to be able to sleep at night as a member of the Baltimore Orioles. Davis, traded from Houston to Baltimore last week, was a virtual insomniac while playing with the Astros. That’s an occupational hazard for a power-hitter who has to play half his games in the expansive Astrodome.

“The ball just doesn’t travel there,” he said. “That ballpark was very frustrating to me. There would be many nights that I couldn’t sleep, thinking about it. . . . It’s a hitter’s nightmare.”

Davis, speaking at a news conference today, said he could have hit at least five more homers a year if he played his home games elsewhere. Still, Darryl Strawberry and Eric Davis were the only National League players to hit more homers than Davis’ 144 over the past five years.