Gifts to Denkin Described


A retired boxing matchmaker, a California Athletic Commission staff member, a promoter and a fight manager all testified against Marty Denkin, a former state boxing official, at his appeals hearing Tuesday.

Denkin, fired by the state in June on 1989 on charges that he accepted money and jewelry for granting boxing favors, is asking to be reinstated.

Tuesday, he heard Los Angeles promoter Rogelio Robles testify that he gave $2,000 to Denkin as “a gift” for Denkin’s son, who was getting married.

The matchmaker, Ernesto Fuentes, said he handed an envelope containing what he believed was $300 to Denkin at the Forum on Jan. 14, 1988. Fuentes said he understood that the money was paid by a manager, Miguel Jara, so that the manager’s fighter, Jorge Diaz, could participate in a Forum tournament.


Commission staffer Carlos Lopez said he participated in an irregular weigh-in on March 28, 1988, and then “noted” a false weight for a fighter, after being told to do so by Denkin.

And Los Angeles boxing manager Ricardo Maldonado testified that he saw Robles hand Denkin the envelope that Robles later said contained $2,000.

Denkin is expected to testify today. He was the commission’s assistant chief executive and had approval power over all Southern California pro boxing bouts until his dismissal. His hearing is being held before administrative law judge Byron Berry.

It was learned Tuesday that the commission’s chief executive officer in Sacramento, Ken Gray, expected to be a key witness, was ill and might not be able to testify.


Robles’ account of the alleged $2,000 payment was the most damaging of several charges levied against Denkin when he was fired by the state Department of Consumer Affairs.