Lakers’ Pfund Contacted by UC Irvine

Randy Pfund, a Laker assistant coach the past five seasons, said Friday he has been approached by UC Irvine, which is seeking a replacement for retiring basketball Coach Bill Mulligan.

“There’s been some contact made; I think that’s all I’ll say at this point,” said Pfund, who was an assistant at Westmont College before joining the Laker staff.

“We’ll probably have some conversations, then see what the situation is,” Pfund said. “I’m happy here. I think my intent is to stay involved in the NBA. There are a couple of reasons why that situation is worth at least some conversation, but I’d just as soon not get into the particulars of why.”

Pfund said he has been called by an Irvine school official, but had not yet talked with that person, whom he did not name.


Former Laker Coach Pat Riley said this week he had talked to Irvine Athletic Director Tom Ford, and that Ford had contacted him as a reference for another coach.

Asked if Ford had offered Riley the Irvine job, Riley said, “That’s not true.”

Irvine also received permission to speak to Washington State Coach Kelvin Sampson. Sampson has said he will not discuss other jobs until the season is over.