Despite Opponents’ Gains, Pasadena Incumbents Lead in Funds : Election: Two officeholders retain edge in City Director races. In contest for open seat, Sally Mosher loans her campaign $13,000.


Despite major fund-raising efforts by their challengers, incumbent City Directors Rick Cole and Kathryn Nack retained financial advantages in their reelection bids, according to campaign finance reports filed late last month.

Although challenger Ed Bryant cut into Cole’s 9-1 money lead by adding $7,385, his campaign total of $10,529 still trails Cole’s $38,432.

Paul Hrabal, Nack’s opponent for the District 6 seat, collected $6,850 in the campaign’s second reporting period, bringing his total to $15,220. That put him close to the $18,035 that Nack reported in January. But Nack got $6,819 in the second period, for a total of $24,854.

Meanwhile, Sally Mosher, one of five District 1 candidates, brought her campaign total to $34,360 with an additional $15,935.

Of that new amount, $13,000 came from loans by Mosher to her campaign. That brings to $29,000 the amount the Linda Vista Annandale attorney has loaned her campaign. It puts her financially well ahead of her rivals for the seat to be vacated by 12-year incumbent John Crowley.


The reports were the second required for Tuesday’s election. They cover the period from Jan. 20 to Feb. 16. No other campaign reports will be filed before the election.

In the District 2 race:

* Cole received 19 contributions of more than $100, with the largest coming from labor groups and district businesses. He reported $1,500 from the Pasadena Firefighters Assn. and $500 from the Pasadena Police Officers Assn. Another $1,000 came from Burger Continental owners Gary and Harry Hindoyan, $500 from Thrifty Wash, $500 from the John Alle real estate company, $250 from Mo’s Chevron and $200 from Castle Press in Northwest Pasadena. The Doubletree Hotel gave $500, Jurgensen’s owner Ken McCormick gave $250 and former Mayor Bill Bogaard and his wife, Claire, executive director of Pasadena Heritage, gave $250.

* Of the 25 contributors who gave $100 or more to Bryant, 10 were from areas such as Altadena, Long Beach, San Marino, Glendale, Inglewood and Monrovia. Peter Porter, owner of Hoson Produce in Pasadena, together with two of his employees, gave $750.

The District 6 race contributions:

* Hrabal’s $6,850 in additional funds included 20 contributions of $100 or more. He got twin $100 contributions from the 55th Assembly District Republican Central Committee and from the Czech Republican Heritage Group. The largest contributions were $700 from Preston Hawkins, president of the Herbert Hawkins real estate firm, and $500 from Besse Licher, owner of a direct mail service that has served conservative board candidates in the past.

* Nack received 26 contributions of more than $100. The largest contributors were the Pasadena Area Women’s Caucus and the Pasadena Firefighters Political Action Committee, both of which gave $1,000. Other contributions included $500 from Linda Vista Avenue resident Rosemary Tyler, $500 from Vroman’s Bookstore owner Joel Sheldon, $250 from Jurgensen’s owner McCormick and $100 from former City Manager Donald McIntyre.

In the District 1 race:

* Mosher received nine contributions of more than $100. They included $500 each from Pasadena label manufacturer Avery Dennison and from William Huston, an executive with the Winston Land Co. Realtor Margaret Sedenquist, who in 1985 unsuccessfully challenged City Director Jess Hughston, gave $100. Another $100 came from the 55th Assembly District Republican Central Committee.

* Nicholas Conway reported $6,260 for a campaign total of $12,797. He received 19 contributions of more than $100, with the two largest, $1,000 each, from Peter and Shirley Porter of Hoson Produce. Jurgensen’s owner McCormick donated $250, while $500 came from Avery Dennison.

* Isaac Richard raised $7,624 for a campaign total of $10,868. It includes 24 contributions of more than $100. Among them are $100 each from city employees Prentice Deadrick, Norman Carter and Lance Charles. Michael Milliner, a city employee and former president of the Pasadena Black Municipal Employees Union, gave $150. Community activist Michael Zinzun contributed $100, as did Pasadena school board member Elbie Hickambottom. Richard gave $538 to his own campaign.

* Nina Chomsky raised an additional $3,749 for a campaign total of $5,049. Nine contributors providing $100 or more included $500 each from the Pasadena Area Women’s Caucus and PasPAC, the Pasadena Political Action Committee, an 8-year-old group of real estate and development interests. Another $100 came from Elizabeth Calleton, executive director of Pasadena Planned Parenthood.

* Millie Lee White, who raised $230 during the last campaign period, brought to $788 her total campaign effort. Although she reported no cash contributions, she received $143 in in-kind contributions and loaned her campaign $515.

* District 4 incumbent William Paparian, who is running unopposed for a second term, collected $6,965 for a campaign total of $22,877. He received 25 contributions of more than $100, including $500 from developer Vazgen Amirkhanian and $500 from Commerce card club owner Haig Papaian.